Dynamic new effective outreach suggestion

Dear friends,

A new way of outreach was suggested a few weeks ago and it seems to work well.

The suggestion is that two people would go out together on a Saturday (morning or afternoon) with a clip board with a set of questions written on the attached paper. They would then ask the people if they would give their opinion of church, how relevant they thought it etc. and once they had done this along with the recording on paper of their views.

Finally they would be asked if they would be interested in attending a short course on "Real Christianity" (if they were they would be asked for their contact details but not necessarily their full address and telephone number unless the person volunteered the information) or whether they would like to take the course through postal studies.

Seeing as people in schools and colleges are taught that Jesus is on the same par as any other religious leader and that the true gospel is now almost never preached in such places now, one of the first things we would need to concentrate on for those who wanted to do the course the plan of salvation for mankind and how it works today, just as it did in the days of the people of both the Old Testament and New.

Then the rest of the course could consist of such things as "Building a relationship with Jesus" "Christian Character" "The role of The Holy Spirit" "The reason for full immersion baptism" "Gifts of The Spirit" "The Healing Power of God", "Deliverance" and "The Mark of The Beast". Because of holidays etc. some might feel it would be better to keep this suggestion in reserve and put it into action around October 2013.

There is a course covering most of these subjects on the internet or available from me.

Suggested outreach questions...

Question 1: What do you think of Jesus? Was He:
  • Was He simply a good man?
  • Was He a Prophet?
  • Was He much greater than any of these?
Question 2: What do you think of Christianity?
  • Is it another way to God?
  • Is it on a par with many other religions?
  • Is it unique and the only way to God?
Question 3: Do you believe that heaven and hell are:
  • Real locations
  • A state of mind
  • Do not exist
Question 4: Can anyone get to heaven:
  • As long as they live a good life?
  • If they keep the commandments of God
  • Something else (please specify)
Question 5: What do you think of those who attend church?
  • A bunch of hypocrites
  • An organisation only after your money
  • Sincere people who are warm, caring people
  • With a heart of and for God
Question 6: If there were to be a course looking at the life and person of Jesus would you be interested in attending:
  • Depending on the location
  • I would prefer to do it through correspondence
  • Not interested
Please let me know if you plan on taking up this suggestion.

Many thanks and every blessing.

R. A.
Hand of God Ministries