Signs of the true Messiah's return

When the true Messiah returns to rule and reign for one thousand years, then after allowing people of that time to choose between Him and the counterfeit Messiah, the God of all creation shall reign forever more. But how will we know that the person claiming to be the Messiah is really the true Son of God? The answer is very simple. Although it appears from scripture that the counterfeit (false) Messiah will be very convincing, the Bible gives us a number of signs that only the true Messiah can fulfil.

The first is mentioned as long ago as three hundred or more years before the first appearance of the true Messiah, Jesus. It occurs in Zechariah chapter 14 and verse 4, which says that the true Messiah will descend upon the Mount of Olives the mountain will split in two, one part of it moving north, the other part moving south creating a valley between the two parts.

Many have questioned this, as they did not understand how this would happen. Now, only in the last 100 years it has been discovered that a geological fault line runs under the Mount of Olives, in a north to south direction. Non-religious scientists have detected small tremors from under the Mount of Olives, which they have said is likely to be a natural build-up to a much bigger quake soon to come.

The second sign is mentioned by Jesus Himself in Matthew 24 v 27 which says that when He (that is the true Messiah Jesus) does return it will be like a streak of lightning flashing across the sky in the darkest hour of the night. Something everyone will be able to see at the same time. Every so often in the sky, and during daylight hours, there occurs a very rare but spectacular sign in the sky a total eclipse of the sun.

This is caused by the shadow of the moon as it masses directly between the earth and the sun, thus completely blocking the light of the sun for almost five minutes. However, even this sign can only be seen from particular parts of the world at the time, not everybody will see it all at once. The idea conveyed by Jesus in this passage is not one of speed (quick as a flash) but that when He comes back His return will be unmistakeable, and seen by everyone on earth at the same time.

If a meteor or comet comes earth's way it can only be seen for a time, and then usually only at night, otherwise the brightness of the sunlight would make it impossible to see. Jesus coming will be even more obvious than this - it will be unmistakeable. The third and final sign that Jesus said would show that the true Messiah is returning is mentioned by Jesus in Matthew chapter 24 v 30, where it says that Jesus will return in power and great glory, accompanied by all His angels.

The false messiah will try to deceive, but will not be able to fake or copy any of these signs, they are reserved for the return of the true Messiah, Jesus.