Eviction Order

If someone is seen breaking into your home, a policeman has the legal right to arrest that person and force the person to leave the premises, since they were their without the permission of the owner of the home. If however, you let someone into your home through the front or back door and do not force him to leave, then so long as you do not have him removed, he has the legal right to remain where he is, since if he is to go it must be you who makes that decision, nobody can make it for you.

The natural thing to do would be to find out how the person got in illegally and take steps to ensure that they did not enter illegally the same way, or indeed, any other way in the future. There are seven ways a demon can get into you. Through what you see, this may be pornography or violence etc, through the mouth, that can be through drugs, dangerous and illegal cocktails, or putting something in the mouth which has no business being there, addictive substances etc.

In addition to this, entry can be gained through vicious or filthy conversation and or swearing. The third way can relate to the way you use your hands. These can be used for writing obscene material, groping or other similar things. The forth way is through having illicit sex with anyone to whom you are not legitimately married, the fifth way is if you agree to an abortion.

This is the same for the father and the mother that would have been, the sixth way can be through what you listen to, i.e. false doctrine, some kinds of rock music are just two examples, and finally it can be passed down the ancestral line through the sin of one of a close relative. (See also "Year of Jubilee" at the end of the teaching on "How to restore the healing power of God to the Church".)

If an intruder came in through the window of your home, when you had removed him or had him removed, it would be natural for you to do everything you could to make that way of entry as secure as possible in the future. Before ordering a demon out of the person, it is usually a good idea to find out which of these ways it entered in the first place, get the person to confess that sin and then give you permission to order out anything that should not be there.

Once this has happened you have unchallengeable power and authority to see the person delivered, assuming that you are a born-again Christian. If you are not, you may find yourself in the same position as the seven sons of Sceva in Acts chapter 16 v 17 onwards. If you are going to deal with someone who needs deliverance then you should fast and pray yourself and get others to fast and pray for you and for the person who needs deliverance, if possible as much as a week in advance, up to and including the time needed to minister to the person.

Remember Jesus' words to His disciples when they asked Him why they could not cast out the demon from the boy. "This sort come out only through prayer and fasting." Mark chapter 9 v 14 - 29.

It may happen that during a time of praise and worship someone will give a demonic outburst. There are those who say that these should be taken to a quite room away from the meeting to be ministered to, but sometimes this will not be practical. In such a case simple order the demon to be quiet and come out of the person without hurting them.

It may argue with you, but only stand your ground and the person will be set free. There is no need for your to fear if your have put on the full armour of God that day. The noise it makes means that it has recognised the presence of God in your meeting and is in a panic. It has every reason to be frightened, you don't.

Finally, remember the story Jesus tells in Luke chapter 11 v 24 to 26 and act accordingly, praying that God will fill the vacuum with Himself. It has been proven to be true that similarly, if the person goes back to what ever the sin was that let in the unclean spirit in the first place; he too will end up by becoming seven times worse than he was before.

Do not forget the power you have to bind and loose as can be seen in Matthew chapter 16 v 19. Wherever Jesus went He was never taken by surprise by anyone's request for ministry. This was because through prayer and fasting, He was always prepared and ready for what ever might come His way. Since that is the way Jesus worked, we must work that way also.