The year of Jubilee

If you read Leviticus Chapter 25, you will see that every so often God commanded that certain years should be declared Jubilee years. Then all the land that had been sold reverted to its original owner and all outstanding debt was to be cancelled. (It is interesting to note that in some translations of the New Testament, the line in the Lord's Prayer "forgive us our trespasses" reads "forgive us our debts".)

Thus, when the Lord commands us to cancel all debts of our fellow believers, it could and almost certainly does include their wrongdoing to us, and just as in obedience to God the Israelites cancelled the debts of each other, so God will not remember our debt (or their debt to God through sin). Further, in the year of Jubilee, all slaves were to completely set free. It was truly a year of release.

Another example of something being released is the example of a balloon being filled with gas. You tie it down or weight it down so that it does not get away, but when you have a whole lot of balloons having the weight that holds them back suddenly lifted, then you see the balloons going off and travelling sometimes a great distance. I believe God's word for this New Year is that the time of Jubilee has been declared in heaven concerning us.

I have for a long time (a few years) wanted to very much bring you this message which I felt deep in my spirit, but felt I was being told to wait a little while. Now I feel I do not need to hold it back any longer as now is the appointed time for the releasing of the people of God. I believe God has planned for his people to be released in two different ways, so let's begin with the example of the balloons being weighted down.

Many people, good Christian men and women have not realised the full extent of God's blessing in their life and have tried to find out why. Many have discovered that something their parents or grandparents did many years ago can weight them down spiritually, and prevent them being as blessed and effective in God as he planned for them to be.

So they have found that when they go back into their family history and find some of the things their grandparents and or parents were involved in, and have confessed these things before God asking forgiveness for their ancestors and in the name of Jesus breaking that influence and effect in their lives today, they experience a very great release, and their fellowship with god through praise and prayer becomes so much more wonderful. The following is a list of things which could hold you back spiritually even if you were not involved in them, but have not done as I have suggested.

Tarot Card readings (giving or receiving), astrology, yoga, acupuncture, free masonry, watching/listening to unwholesome talk or any other similar material, such as what might be referred to as dirty books, dirty jokes, dirty films or plays etc., martial arts, fortune telling (giving or receiving), water or metal divining (divining not detecting), sexual immorality at any time of life, and of any type, alcohol abuse, unforgiveness (maintaining a grudge against someone after many years), smoking, calling up the spirits of the dead, or communicating with them in any way, involvement in the worship or honouring of false gods, magic of every and any kind, aroma therapy, hypnosis, healing (other than medical or accepted Christian methods) unfulfilled promises/agreements, new ageism, transcendental meditation. Statues of false gods (however small), for instance a model of Buddha. Books, magazines, records and tapes associated with any of the items mentioned should be destroyed.

Heavy metal music, hard rock music, voodoo, and spiritualism. Ornaments and clothes bought or made in the Far or Middle East can easily have a curse on it. If in doubt get rid of it. Videos and computers games with demonic symbols, psychic phenomena, all involvement with witches whether white witches or not or any kind of witchcraft. Jealousy, pride, covetness, pride, envy, bitterness.

Whether yourselves, your grandparents, or your parents, or anyone else in the family have been involved with any of these things they need to be confessed and repented of, then ask God to break any hold these people have over your life, and to forgive people such sin.

The second area I believe God speaks release into is the area of evangelism. One of the books in the Old Testament says there is a time and a season for every activity. St Paul urged Christian to be ready to evangelise in or out of season. Just as during the year you will notice there is a time for planning, a time for planting, a time for watering, and a time for harvesting.

Now is the time to release everything that could assist you in your evangelism. You know how to operate the principles I have taught you from scripture (available free on request), 1994 was not the year to begin such an all out evangelism campaign, neither was 1989 (although of course evangelism at this time would have been a good thing) but now is God's timing for the greatest evangelistic outreach the world has ever known.

You may be sure that if you get involved in it, you will be at the beginning of the greatest harvest of souls in the history of mankind. A harvest which will take more than seven years to bring in, with as many helpers as can be arranged. For this everyone must do their part. Perhaps your job is to win these souls through prayer in the spiritual realm- keep on praying. Never give up.

Perhaps you feel a calling to pray for the success and protection of people involved in evangelism- a calling no less important. Perhaps you feel a call to evangelise, give it all you've got. Let nothing weigh you done any longer, the jubilee has been declared, the harvesting of souls, too many to be counted, must now begin.