Standing in the Gap

Not many years ago I was travelling back from work and went on the London Underground Railway to a station where I could get a train home. All seemed normal that night, no hint of the terrifying events that were about to take place. Someone walking up the stairs to the main station dropped either a lighted cigarette or a match, and it fell beneath the stairway. Minutes later the entire staircase was a massive blaze.

Amazingly people still tried to get to the top of the stairs in spite of being warned of the fierce fire ahead. They would take no warning, but headed into the heart of the blaze without realising it. Many died that night because they refused to listen to the warnings. However, many others escaped through the only exit that would take them away from the fire, because they listened to the warnings.

They were directed to the only way that could have lead them to safety. Those who directed them were awarded medals and declared to be heroes. I missed this fire because I had gone through that station about half an hour earlier. This was the Kings Cross fire of some ten years ago, but it graphically illustrates a spiritual point.

In Ezekiel 22 v 30, God is looking for someone to stand in the gap to intercede for that town or nation. God was looking for an excuse not to bring down His wrath upon the people of Ezekiel's time, who were steeped in sin. Sounds a lot like the society you and I live in today. Just as then, God is looking for those who will stand in the gap for the lost of their city and nation, just as Ezekiel, Daniel and Nehemiah did in their homeland all those years ago.

They stirred up the people to come together in unity and together confess the sins of their towns and nations as though they were their own sin, plead with god for His mercy and for the fullness of His presence to turn away people the way that would lead to the eternal fire.

God is looking for men and women who will come together for the multitudes in our towns and nations who are heading straight for hell fire. He is looking for a people who will go to the places in their towns and cities which they know are an offence to God, (Brothels, Sex Shops, Abortion Clinics, Shrines to demonic beings falsely called gods, etc.), and bind these forces of darkness, confessing the sin, breaking false or wrongful covenants or agreements made there in the past and asking God to cleanse those places and come in His presence to bring even these people to salvation.

Whilst praying for the lost some months ago, myself and several others were given an experience we shall never forget. Call it a dream or vision or whatever you want to, but God caused each of us, individually to see and just what the eternal experience will be for those who do not know Jesus. This was so terrible as to be impossible to describe, except to say that every time we pray for the lost now, we remember how we literally and the fires of hell, and what awaits them if they do not repent.