Your right of self defence

In law, there is a provision for you to act in self-defence providing it does not go beyond certain boundaries. In the spiritual realm there is also provision for self-defence, the armour of God, which we shall learn about later. First let me outline the two other ways God has made provision for our self-defence. If you have ever watched a wild life programme about lions, you fill find that they go especially for two types of animal, the leaders, and those that appear to be isolated or weaker than the rest of the pack.

In Exodus chapter 17 v 8 - 13 you find Moses and his friends on top of a hill overlooking a valley. There is a big battle going on in the valley below, where the Israelites are battling against there enemy. When Moses arms are raised, the battle goes in favour of the Israelites, when his arms are lowered, the battle goes against them. His friends then decide to get some large stones and place them under the arms of Moses, so that his arms remain up.

I believe this is a biblical principle described in a physical way. It is this, if we lift up our leaders in prayer each day, each one of us, even if it is only for a short time, then the church will have more and more success. So much for those in the front line, what about those who are weaker than the rest of the group, how are they going to be defended?

The Roman army was very successful wherever it went, partly because when they went into battle, their shields were always up, and with them up, everyone was covered, since their shields were very large. If you make a list therefore of all the men and a separate list for all the ladies in the church, the person at the top of the list should pray for the person next down to him or her, and the person at the bottom of the list prays for the person at the top of the list, then, even if it is only for five minutes, every member of the church will be covered in prayer every day.

Norman Swartzkopf said in answer to a question put to him during the gulf war of the nineteen nineties when he was asked when he expected to launch operation desert storm. His reply was "the battle of the air must be won before the ground offensive can begin." If other churches were to be persuaded to join in prayer for the lost of the city or town where you live, and confess the known sins of that place, past and present, then the accumulation of prayer time that would result would equal more than twenty four hours per day.

That amount of prayer may be enough to move mountains if kept up continually. A short while ago, on television, they showed again the sea eroding away the cliffs on the east coast of England, and the rock face crumbling, and even a hotel falling down into the sea below because of the erosion of the cliffs. This did not happen after just one storm, but over time, with the continuous pounding of the waves. Therefore, in a similar way, strong holds of the enemy can be brought crumbling down through the constant united prayer of God's faithful people day by day. It works in the physical so it will work in the spiritual also.