How to build a personal relationship with God, through Jesus Christ.

At the opening of St. John's Gospel we are told that "the Word was with God from the beginning and the Word is God”. In scriptures from both the old and New Testament it is made clear that Jesus is God made man and also the living God. Jesus confirmed to everyone of His day the deep love that God has for each and every person, and how very much God wants to have intimate fellowship with each and every one of us. In the many places I have been, at many meetings and conferences I have attended and on the tapes I have listened to of speakers, desperately few have taught anything of how to build and deepen our relationship and fellowship with God.

First let me dispel a common misunderstanding I have often heard people - even leaders - say things like "Lord we want you to come among us" or "it takes about half an hour's prayer before you really get into the presence of God". Both these statements are wrong because they take no notice of the scripture which says "Behold, I am with you always, even unto the end of time".

If you can see a clock and it is ticking you will be assured that time has not run out, therefore you can be certain that wherever you are, whatever you are doing, the presence of God is right there with you. One of the reasons Jesus was so successful when it came to healing people, seeing them delivered from demon possession and made whole, was because He was in Constant fellowship with God.

He lived the whole of His days acknowledging that God was with Him all the time, no matter where He went or when He went there. That is the kind of fellowship God wants to have with all of us, that in your spirit you continually speak to Him (Ephesians 5 v 19) and, in your spirit He continues from time to time to speak to you, also.

Matthew chapter 6 v 5-8 talks of going into a room alone, shutting yourself away from everything and praying. I too think this a very good thing to do However, what a lot of people do not realise is that they can effectively shut themselves away for private prayer and praise to God even in the most crowded and noisy place. Although some of the bible translations use different words the meaning of the verse 45 in Genesis 24 is that this man had been praying silently.

If he did that then the only people aware of it would have been God and himself. Furthermore, he could have prayed silently whatever was happening around him. So can you! Suppose someone is speaking to you quickly and for a long time, you think to yourself "I wish he'd shut up and let me get a word in". You don't actually speak those words, but you say them in your spirit, silently.

That's how you can speak to God. (Not tell Him to shut up, but talk to Him silently -in your spirit). Of course it is a good idea to speak out and sing out your praise unto Him if the time and place make it easy, but the greater part of your fellowship with God will be in your spirit.

If you have a bible or psalm book, read psalm 142, which will tell you something of the kind of fellowship God wants with you. An open, honest one. If you feel angry, tell God, and tell Him why. If you feel happy thank God, but you should always end up praising Him and proclaiming Him the just and almighty God. For that is what He is. All of His judgements are just, even though many of us do not always understand them.

In your fellowship and prayer-life with God, don't forget to pray for those you know who are having a difficult time, asking God to help them and bring them through. Make up your own hymns, psalms and new songs. God loves it when you do that, and it may help someone else also if you share these things with the church. As you fellowship with God so His Holy Spirit, also God Himself, will cause you to have much greater and deeper understanding of many parts of the bible you either read yourself or hear spoken of.

It will help to deepen your relationship with God if you read the bible a little every day, or attend a meeting where a bible passage is looked at. Many years ago, because of an unpleasant time in a school I hated poetry. Then on a study course, a minister I knew taught on poetry - Christian poetry which he himself had written. As he began to teach and as I grew to know him more and more I found that so very much of his character, his attitudes and gentleness were shown by the kind of poetry he wrote.

It's the same with scripture, the more you read it (or hear it read) and fellowship with the one who wrote it, the more you will come to know the deepest most intimate thoughts of God Himself Our relationship with God is developed in exactly the same we way would build a relationship with anyone else. The more time we spend with Him the more we will be able to recognise His voice speaking to us deep in our spirit, and the more we will be able to identify (know) His voice from anyone else's voice that might try to speak to us. Many people would say to me that I am teaching very basic things to people who could take something deeper.

Yet as I talk to Christians in various places I find that although this is what should have been taught to them only days after giving their lives to Christ, this is the very thing they have never been taught. I deal with the subject because after telling of the love of God and the way that is open for mankind to find eternal salvation, God regards this - our fellowship with Him through Jesus, as the next most important thing. Some say to me, "should you not teach about ministry today”? But I do not, because I believe that when we get our relationship with God right we will then learn to do the works of ministry and prayer.

Any other way round and we neglect what is most precious and important to God, our fellowship and relationship with Him through and in Jesus. This was the purpose of our original creation. The first reason for which we were created - fellowship with God. The second reason why more and more people remain On earth after giving their life to Christ is that they will share with others their knowledge of the God of love and the way of salvation for all mankind, and bring them in to fellowship with God, in and through Christ Jesus, also. Christianity is based on very great love, not fear. It is also different because it speaks of an intimate fellowship possible with the creator. He loves every man woman and child very, very greatly. Will you tell them of this love found only in Christ Jesus?